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AP Set 2012 – Analysis

Andhra Pradesh govt, after a hiatus of almost a decade, has conducted Andhra Pradesh State Elgibilty Test for Assistant Professor/Lecturer today. Plethora of people have mailed me regarding my analysis on standard of the paper and the cutoff details.

According to the data, published by AP SET official website, minimum eligibility marks as follows for various social backgrounds.

Here, the pertinent reminder is, above details are minimum marks to consider for final result. In this  hectic competition, by observing the liberal standard of the paper, we can expect some raisein aggregate of three papers,including  from the above minimum eligible marks, in the announcement of final result.

  • I feel, 200/350 would be safe score, irrespective of optionals for General and BC candidates.
  • 175/350 would be safe score for reserved candidates like SC/ST.
  • Another important reminder, which should be highlighted by applicants, there will be no individual cutoff for different optionals.  APPSC, by imitating and applying the UGC NET formula, is going to give common cutoff for all the optionals.
History, Philosophy, Society

Kancha Ilaiah- Dalit Idealogue

kancha Ilaiah, Professor of political science of Osmania University, is considered as as part of influential trinity(Kancha Ilaiah,Bojja Taarakam and Katti Padma rao) who strive progressive Dalit movement and politics in Andhra Pradesh. There is a wide belief among general public that Kancha Ilaiah has dalit background but he hailed from OBC of “Golla” caste. Despite his scholarly experience in political science, he came to lime light with historical research papers and strong criticisms on Brahmanism, higher castes and Hindus. He is enough proud to consider himself as anti Hindu. He baptized Buddhism and wrote several research papers on buddhist history and philosophy.

His famous work “why iam not a hindu” acclaimed positive and negative responses from intellectual and scholars from different parts of the world. Some eminent historians like Romilla Thapar tagged Ilaiah as a pseudo historian who approached several fictions to dalit history and thoughts. According to Ilaiah, Hinduism is nothing but a Brahmanism which done a massive cultural destruction of backward classes and dalits. He urges for the need of literacy among dalits and backword classes.Being a Dalit sympathizer, He staunchly supports the candidacy of Mayawathi for prime minister of India by calling Marxists to support her. ” Hindusim is the only religion in which gods wear destructible weapons and tries to justify the bloody violence” says Kancha ilaiah in several interviews.