Is it a historical decision or drama ?


Heat of the Telangana is reaching at zenith stage after Telangana Congress MLA’s  decided to tender their resignation on July 4th in protest of  central govt improper response on the slogan of Telangana state..

Telangana  congress representatives decision triggered a plethora of questions, confusion and utter chaos among Andhra Pradesh political circles..

But, normal Telangana people are not in a position to trust the words of  Telangana congress MLA’s words. Cos, they have already made a similar drama on resignations in December 2009. But, they had to bow their head to Delhi congress high command political tactics and strategies of dragging the Telangana slogan by keep on dragging the dead lines.

Last week, KCR made a surprise negotiations with Congress men with almost five hours. Media doesn’t have the exact information what they have had discussed. At every one surprise, congress anounced a historical decision that they will resign for their seats in Assembly. Immediately, within a span of minutes, TDP anounced they will follow the path of congress representatives.

Rebel group of  Nagam janardhan reddy  ( comprises Harishwar Reddy, Venugaopala Chary) made a step forward and resigned their seats in the whee hours of today.This move would pester the congress and TDP representatives. They have no choice other than resigning or to face the wrath of Telangana people. Nagam group made a great decision heralding the series of resignations.

What would happen tomorrow? I would like to draw two possible outcomes which may happen in coming months.

1) Sonia Gandhi may announce all party meeting in the month end. This would appease the congress MLA’s temporarily. But, Telangana people are not in a position to accept any decision other than Telangana state. They lost interest in negotiations, committees and lobbying.

2) Central Government may impose presidential rule to give a proper reply to all the representatives of Seemandhra- Telangana representatives.

Let us see, my predictions will materialize or not 🙂