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What is violence?

I have been haunting by this question right from my plus two. I had to go through bundle of books and journals across library in search of exact definition for violence.

All the violence may not be in the form of red blood.Violence emerged as indispensable part of our daily activity. We could trace the violence in our out dated orthodoxy social customs, Caste structure, Religious and class aggression, even in our family system where females deprived of freedom under the clutches of male aggression.Now, Violence occupied in the form of sex,culture,race,inequality, gender,class,caste,region and religion.

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say that people love violence and have been habituated to it. Jiddu’s vision of violence is more practical and real. Hypocrite people always condemn violence in different forms but they do practice in reality. They stress freedom for women but they dominate and humiliate women at their homes. People openly criticize caste structure but they are ever ready to praise their castes and leaders hail from it.People consider wars and murders are symbols of heroism, race superiority and national superiority.

After the end of world wars, we have convened several international groups which promise universal peace.They have bitterly failed. Prior to formation of international groups, there were wars among nations at battle field. Now, scenario has been changed. Terrorist organizations have been originated from religious aggression or inequality. Wars have been taking place among the people across busy areas in the form of  bomb blasts and sniper attacks. Rabindra Nath Tagore used to debunk this international groups claiming  “International groups are like a band of policemen consist burglars as international groups are mere mixture of nationalist groups”.