Facebook update made IIM student to commit suicide

Malini Murmu, student of  IIM bangalore who recently broke away with her boy friend,  committed suicide amid the  hurtful message of her boy friend in the social networking website Facebook..

I wonder, why present generation is so anxious to let expose their privacy in social networking sites and blogosphere.. They have been trapped in online mass hysteria..


Narendra modi refuses to wear ‘muslim cap’

Narendra modi, as a staunch hindu nationalist of Savarkar and Golwalker school, has softly refused to wear the skull cap presented by Muslim cleric during sadbhavana satyagraha in Gurjarath.

The whole pseudo secular made a foul cry on Modi for his reluctance to wear cap. Can we expect  ‘wearing tilak or having hindu prasads’ from traditional conservative  Muslims or  Christians ? We must see Modi act as his personal religious sentiment but not as religious fundamentalism..


KCR to do hunger fast

Latest Political  developments  in  Andhra Pradesh and the information from reliable media sources ,  in response  to  Telangana  agitation  and  ‘Sakula janula samme’,  suggests  KCR  in  a  thought  to  do  hunger  fast  in protest  of  state  and  government  timid response  for the  ongoing Telangana movement.

  KCR  fast  would  irk state and central governments  which  have  been  dragging  the essential  issue  for  years  and years  for  their  electoral political  gains.


AP govt to take action on T employees

AP govt is likely to take action on the employees for their active participation in ‘sakula janula samme”. They are ever ready to take action on the employees who have been fighting for their rights and welfare of the Telangana,  why govt could not materialize 610 GO which passed 25 years ago…  Govt must answer the very essential and pertinent question.


10 years for wtc 9/11

10 years for wtc  9/11..  Ten years ago, we had Islamic and sectarian terrorism, now  USA imperial terrorism joined the bandwagon..