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AP Set 2012 – Analysis

Andhra Pradesh govt, after a hiatus of almost a decade, has conducted Andhra Pradesh State Elgibilty Test for Assistant Professor/Lecturer today. Plethora of people have mailed me regarding my analysis on standard of the paper and the cutoff details.

According to the data, published by AP SET official website, minimum eligibility marks as follows for various social backgrounds.

Here, the pertinent reminder is, above details are minimum marks to consider for final result. In this  hectic competition, by observing the liberal standard of the paper, we can expect some raisein aggregate of three papers,including  from the above minimum eligible marks, in the announcement of final result.

  • I feel, 200/350 would be safe score, irrespective of optionals for General and BC candidates.
  • 175/350 would be safe score for reserved candidates like SC/ST.
  • Another important reminder, which should be highlighted by applicants, there will be no individual cutoff for different optionals.  APPSC, by imitating and applying the UGC NET formula, is going to give common cutoff for all the optionals.
Reviews, Twitter

APPSC Group 2(2012) Cutoff – Analysis

  • Paper II and Paper III are relatively easy, unlike previous examinations.
  • Economy is little bit easy(when comparing last year paper).
  • AP history questions are directly lifted from published materials.
  • I feel, 120-125 will be a good score for paper II.
  • 100+ will be a good score for paper III.
  • 330+ (aggregate of 3 papers) will be a good score for  OC and BC candidates.
  • 310+ will be a good score for reserved candidates of SC and ST.
  • Overal cutoff will not be lower than 310, as per my analysis. Cutoff may even raise, from  my expectation,  for extent of 5-10 marks, as this time notified posts are less comparing to previous notification.
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APPSC Group 2 Paper 1(2012) – Analysis

  • Paper 1 is neither tough nor easy, some questions are directly lifted from previous year question papers/publishied materials.
  • History questions are comparatively easy.
  • Current affairs section is  little tricky.
  • General science section is average ( not so tricky)
  • Mental ability is comparatively easy.
  • Polity, economy and AP history questions are not posed, as usual, as they will be questioned in paper 2 and paper 3.
  • Overall, person who doesnt have any preparation with good academic awareness can score 70-75, while person who have mediocre prep can get 80-84, while one who have good and structured preparation can score 90 -110.
  • Key will be published in Sakhi/Eenadu and other authentic news agencies today night.But, the problem is, we cannot rely on the key published by news papers, as the authenticity of answers for 10-12 tricky questions is always confusing. The same happened for keys published by various agencies for APPSC group 1 prelims conducted in the month of may 
  • I personally feel, 105+ will be a good score,  and all the aspirants should not note that there is no individual cutoff for individual paper, cutoff  will be based on collective aggregate marks secured in three papers.

Maruti Suzuki shuts down temporarily amid senior employee murder

Why such repeated clashes,dis harmony, disturbances  At Maruti Suzuki plant ? Because,  Communication gap occurred between between Japanese management thinking and typical indian labour force psychology.

This is not a single night act, last year too, there was unrest, management had tried to woo and pacify the union leaders by offering huge ransom, instead of understanding the hidden dimensions and foundations of the problem.. Ongoing unrest in suzuki will be excellent case study for organisational psychologists and HR consultants..


Pawan Kalyan in ‘ek tha tiger’ ?

According to the grapevine of the Tollywood, Pawan Kalyan is keen to remake yet to release Salman Khan-Katrina kaif starrer ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Bollywood trade circles have lot of expectations on ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ by considering the successes and form of  Salman Khan at boxofffice.  After a long hiatus, due to alleged break up, Katrina Kaif is acting with salman khan.


No revision in poverty line cap

The Planning Commission told the Supreme Court that  a person spending more than  Rs 965 per month( Rs 32 a day) in urban India and Rs 781 per month (Rs 26 a day) in rural India will be not be considered as poor according to the poverty line cap.                 LOLL 🙂


ABN Sting operation on Ambati

ABN aired sting operation programmes on YSR party leader Ambati Rambabu sex talk with unidentified woman. Which turned a dramatic shift to AP political equations, what Jagan will do at this chaotic situation. Will he tolerate Ambati or will he terminate.