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Gun culture and USA

The tragic gun firing at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, USA, is an alarming signal of penetration  of  gun culture among both urban and rustic teens, through the popular forms of  Movies and Video Games.

Why USA is prone to such mindless,ruthless and dramatic gun firings, particularly by depressed teens,  since some decades, why not developing countries ?

Before analyzing the genesis of  gun culture and popular media , we must go through the genesis of Guns/Arms Manufacturing in USA Soil. It was arms and dynamites production which accelerated and championed USA economy among world super powers in the early 1920’s.  It was USA, which orchestrated nuclear race, by nuclear bombing in Japan to show its supremacy, and placed world on the brink of  volcano made up of nuclear lava.

In addition to this issues and background, the worst case is free availability of  Guns and weapons in USA. Gun licencing policy and its availability is not stringent, in fact it is free liberal, as like US economy. One can easily procure guns and arms in USA soil without having any proper examination and verification, unlike developing nations.   This incident, which may provoke another set of teens,  in turn may trigger another Colorado firing.

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3 crore pending cases

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

Pending cases in India is going to reach 3 crore mark in the world’s largest so-called democratic country.Red tapism is termed as the chief determinant for the under development of India, Red tapism has showing its presence even in Judiciary. Popular actors and politicians have been mocking Indian Judiciary by making crimes and escaping from punishment by highlighting technical legal flaws in reality. Most of the poor people who committed petty crimes and have been to Jail for the years due to their inability to pay the required fines. Indian Poor are still unable to meet their medical and legal help form Govt Doctors and lawyers.

Indian Govt is already initiated National Knowledge commission headed by Sam Pitroda and Administrative Reforms Commision leaded by Veerapa Moily for the effective and efficient governance by applying pertinent reforms.Some legal experts say All India Judicial Commission should be established to meet the requirements of Judges on par with the Union Public Service Commission which holds responsibility of selecting All India Services like IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS etc…


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What is violence?

I have been haunting by this question right from my plus two. I had to go through bundle of books and journals across library in search of exact definition for violence.

All the violence may not be in the form of red blood.Violence emerged as indispensable part of our daily activity. We could trace the violence in our out dated orthodoxy social customs, Caste structure, Religious and class aggression, even in our family system where females deprived of freedom under the clutches of male aggression.Now, Violence occupied in the form of sex,culture,race,inequality, gender,class,caste,region and religion.

Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say that people love violence and have been habituated to it. Jiddu’s vision of violence is more practical and real. Hypocrite people always condemn violence in different forms but they do practice in reality. They stress freedom for women but they dominate and humiliate women at their homes. People openly criticize caste structure but they are ever ready to praise their castes and leaders hail from it.People consider wars and murders are symbols of heroism, race superiority and national superiority.

After the end of world wars, we have convened several international groups which promise universal peace.They have bitterly failed. Prior to formation of international groups, there were wars among nations at battle field. Now, scenario has been changed. Terrorist organizations have been originated from religious aggression or inequality. Wars have been taking place among the people across busy areas in the form of  bomb blasts and sniper attacks. Rabindra Nath Tagore used to debunk this international groups claiming  “International groups are like a band of policemen consist burglars as international groups are mere mixture of nationalist groups”.

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25 million children may go hungry

International Food Policy Research Institute predicted  twenty five million children will go hungry by 2050 due to global warming.  Global economic depression, terrorism and pandaemic diseases added fuel to this worst crisis particularly in under devoloped countries of Africa, Middle East and Asia. FDI and charity funds inflows to under developed countries  have been declining from the last year.  Excess agricultural investments could bring down malnourishment rate of children among developing and developed countries.Last week, G 20 industrial nations made discussions how to invest some $20bn pledged for food security which promised earlier year. London based Gaurdian news paper published a fascinated insight into dynamics of poverty, food production and capitalism. Guardian claims Eliminating the millions of tonnes of food thrown away  annually in the US and UK  could lift more than a billion people out of hunger worldwide.

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Sri Sri Ideology – some contemporary issues

Sri Sri aka Sri Rangam Srinivasa Rao, the most sensational poet who heralded the Marxist aesthetic thought in Telugu literature, has made indelible impression among the modern Telugu writers. But, interestingly,  very  few modern writers have tried to project the Sri Sri  legacy in contemporary main stream media.

In this work, I have tried to explain Sri Sri Ideology on some contemporary social issues and the controversies.

Sri Sri, unlike Chalam, could not try to project the problems of Indian women in his articles and books. Some literary experts opine, Sri Sri has made some  derogatory remarks on women in his autobiography.   Interestingly, Chalam, a women lover, made  a great impact on feminist writers and  dalit writers than Sri Sri works.

But, Chalam, another great social  revolutionary writer who fought against male chauvinism,  casteism and religious fundamentalism, later found solace in the companionship of  great mystic Ramana Maharshi. He gave up revolutionary writing and settled in Tiruvannamalai, abode of Ramana Maharshi spiritual empire.  His later life irked some feminists and communist writers who used to  treat Chalam as a great revolutionary writer on par with Sri Sri. Chalam retirement from revolutionary writing and baptism of spirituality   made Sri Sri as the only champion of modern Telugu revolutionary writing. But, still, Telugu feminist writers have no qualms to  hail the contribution of Chalam who  projected the true picture of women and societal hypocrisy.

Sri Sri was the founder president of  Virasam (viplava rachayithala sangham), a revolutionary poets organization which split from Arasam ( abyudaya rachayithala sangam) due to the great debate among  revolutionary progressive writers. Arasam supports communistic socialism while Virasam supports the revolutionary communism. Though Sri Sri was actively participated in Virasam, he could not upheld Virasam stand of  supporting ‘Telangana’ and ‘Jai Andhra movements’. Some Telangana poets allege,  Sri Sri was timid to  injustice done to the Telangana people.

Another criticism on Sri Sri is his staunch support to the emergency rule of Indira gandhi. He wrote several articles in praise of  Indira Gandhi and Jalagam Vengala Rao for their brutal stands to curb people social democratic movements. Some scholars opine, Sri Sri acted as a traditional Indian communist but not as a universal communist of Marx legacy. Like typical Indian communist parties, Sri Sri may have done historical blunders. But, his stand on emergency is a blot on his marathon revolutionary poetic career, which cannot be deleted in history. But, we should remember, later Sri Sri regretted for his blunder.

Sri Sri, who is said to be  inspired from western communistic literature but not from Indian experiences of socialism, hardly described the essence of dalit and women empowerment in his bulk of works. Some revolutionary poets, particularly of  Telangana and Dalit origin, criticize Sri Sri writings by claiming they are for bourgeoisie, above middle class and  elite rich people but not for common people.


 Sri Sri had also committed mistakes by supporting emergency in 1975, but later he had regretted this,”

–  revolutionary writer P. Varavara Rao.



Azad statement irks homo sexuals.


Today, Union health minister Azad ridiculed Homosex as unnatural disease and said that culture spreaded to India from western culture in a seminar at New Delhi.  Statement triggered a wide flak from the human rights organisations and various  NGO’s of  LGBT.

This statement diverted the attention of not only national media but also international media. Media broadcasted debates and  tried to collect the feedback from various sections. Why media has developed such anxiety towards the topic of LGBT. National media has developed interest in sensationalizing such masala and entertainment issues by keeping away most of the crucial issues of southern India. That is the different topic and would write exclusively on the relavant matter in future updates.

LGBT (or GLBT) is an initialism used since the 1990s as a self-designation by what was formerly known as the “gay community”. It refers collectively to “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” people.

Issues and views posed by LGBT organisations regarding their argument for legalizing Gay/Homo/lesbian/transgender sex.

1) Sex is one’s option and it is very natural right.

2) People should have enough freedom in selection of partner irrespective of gender in enjoying sex.

3) Govt and society has no right to command individual’s sex preferences.

Most of the western countries is thinking about the possibility in legalizing gay marriages and gay relationships due to the support and popularity backing them.

Arguments against LGBT

1) Unhealthy like Aids and STD ( Sexually transmitted diseases).

2) Failure of marriage system and human relationships.

3) Fate of the children may be questioned.

4) Population may be in check if this LGBT tendency grows. LGBT relations are not population productive.

5) All the existing religions and social norms condemned unnatural sex.

Why this unnatural culture is growing ?

1) Due to the obscenity in popular media.

2) Hostels and jails are emerging platforms for such unnatural sexual desires.

3) In the name of human rights, people lost interest in morals, ethics and cultural values.

4) Lack of sex education. Conservative and developing countries have been hesitating to impose sex education at school level. Govt should impose sex education to give a better idea about sex in upper primary schools.

We are not supposed to say such practice is wrong without elaborate explanation on its ill  health and psychic effects.

5) Westernization and free access to porn through media, mms and gadgets.

American Academy of Pediatrics stated in Pediatrics in 2004:

Sexual orientation probably is not determined by any one factor but by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences. In recent decades, biologically based theories have been favored by experts. Although there continues to be controversy and uncertainty as to the genesis of the variety of human sexual orientations, there is no scientific evidence that abnormal parenting, sexual abuse, or other adverse life events influence sexual orientation. Current knowledge suggests that sexual orientation is usually established during early childhood.

My views

Whatever the concerns of human rights and views, LGBT relationships are unnatural and will have bad implications on society from all the dimensions in the long term. Why govt is imposed ban on drugs by not claiming it is individual right or preference ?.  Because, we know it will have bad impact on the health of the people. Human rights may be violated by restricting LGBT, but it is inevitable from the health and socio cultural perspectives. But, we must explain clearly about the effects of such unnatural practices instead of denying them as wrong in single statement. But, the problem is, Indians are not ready to discuss this controversial issue in front of adolescents. Its time for Indians to break up their  silence.


Justice compromised – 1

History repeated, rights and welfare of the common people ignored in the hall of court premises. Parents of Ayesha Meera dejected, deceived, mocked and fooled at so called temple of justice in the hands of money, political power and corruption…

From the very morning on Judgement day, media shifted its focus from Telangana issue, Jagan consolation tour and Commonwealth games to Ayesha murder verdict. All the news channels started discussions and debates on the issue to compete one on another.

They have tried to contact parents of deceased Ayesha, who could not control their emotions and tears. Ayesha father was almost collapsed unable to express words with media.Yes, media captured that pathetic scene and repeatedly broad casted through out the day to keep the momentum of viewership, they have succeeded.

Satyam Babu, an innocent teen, sentenced to life imprisonment claiming he was caused Ayesha Meera to brutal rape and death..

Human rights organisations and various women welfare pressure groaps, including the family members of Ayesha Meera, condemned the verdict and claimed several valid proofs have been vanished in the last three years inorder to protect the grandson of the leading politician of Guntur district and made Satyam Babu as scape goat.

I wonder, can we expect similar inquiry and verdict if this rape and murder occurred to the girl from the families of YSR, CBN and KCR ?

News channels may stop coverage of this issue in couple of days, people may forget in couple of months…

New blog post on different subject/context would be updated in this website..

We are here to speak and witness, not to act.

Irony of Indian hypocrisy…

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3 c’s of India


India has been obsessed with 3 C’s




Politicians have been transforming to capitalists and vice-versa… Every body know how Ambanis manipulated central govt and made a grand success in Indian business at the cost of nationalistic and poor people interests. Capitalists always restrict budding entrepreneurs by creating huge number of obstacles. Talented Indians have no option other than leaving for abroad to fulfill their family responsibilities. All the political parties receive kickbacks from capitalists for their illegal acts.Indian capitalists could change political equations in India…

Casteism playing dominant role in Indian society. Though, reservations made a free entry to lower sections in mainstream politics. In major cases, they have been bandwagoning on powerfull politicains who have capitalistic and higher caste background. Irony of Indian caste structure is OBC’s have been humiliated by OC’s while SC’s and ST’s have been humiliated by OBC’s… Indian hypocrisy is circular in shape…

Why people offer kickbacks and bribes to officials. They want speedy work ( illegal work in some cases) at any cost. The do criticize and condemn bribery openly, under curtain they are ever ready to offer/receive bribes. Majority people are not so serious about country and society. They just recall about country and patriotism during August 15th/ Jan 26th/ when terrorist attacks happen……


Supreme court welcomes pre marital cohabitation


Supreme court bench, comprises of chief justice KG Balakrishnan, justice Deepak Verma, and justice BS Chauhan, ruled that pre marital sex/cohabitation is not at all sin by citing the article Article 21, which guarantees the right to life and liberty as a fundamental right.

Supreme court ruling triggered heavy flak and applause from different section of the people including right and left wings. Indian law already guaranteed consent of sex to adults after completion of 15 years. Law commission in her 248th report suggested that minimum age to have sex should be exceeded to 16 years.Supreme court, till now, gave contradictory judgments regarding cohabitation, pre marital sex, dating in various occasions. But,till now, It didn’t give any precise definition in judgment.

In latest judgment, supreme court justified the practice of cohabitation by citing the intimate relationship of lord Sri krishna and Radha claiming they have had cohabitation. Really, it hurts the sentiments of tens of millions of Hindus including me. Supreme court should not have brought religion in this controversial judgment in the so called secular country. Supreme court must go through the platonic and divine love between Sri Krishna and Radha. There is no way of comparing divine love with the present generation lust.

Cohabitation and free sex concept intensified in India due to the LPG (liberalization, Globalization, Privatization) adoption in the culturally complex India. Educated Indian elite have been influencing and imitating the western epicurean philosophy by applying In the Indian atmosphere. Iam not at all condemning the western philosophy. we can adopt western thought, but it must be filtered to fit into Indian environment, rather than dumping in raw.

I would like to go through the genesis of why Indian educate elite stress much importance to this epicurean and hedonistic  culture. Money and caste have been playing crucial role in Indian matrimonial alliances. Majority Indian families, still, unable to welcome their kins proposals to marry their love citing caste , money and status. This kind of hypocrite  attitude made fractures and strains to Vedic Indian culture.Recent survey observed that more than a quarter of India’s youngsters have premarital sex. Love and inter caste marriages without approval of parents are increasing day by day particularly in urban areas by questioning the validity of Hindu  family and marriage system.Swami Dayananda Saraswathi,  predicted this kind of family crisis in the very last century, encouraged inter caste and inter class marriages   for uplifting the unity among Hindus.

I personally welcome the judgement as it is protecting the interest of the people’s very civil and fundamental right to live according to their wish. But, Iam sure, youth may not understand spirit of this judgment due to mediocrity.Legally, supreme court has played its role in decent and smooth way by ensuring freedom of right to live.But, people should remember ethics and social norms. We must understand the very differences between ethics and law. Law cannot prescribe how should we live, it was ethics and social norms which explain the essence of living in welfare model.

I recall the words of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo, who used to say the essence of mixing western and Indian philosophy for the awakening of Indians from orthodoxy to practical Vedanta for better living.

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Anarchic pradesh


Democracy has been mocked and its very foundations have been devastated in Andhra Pradesh. Telangana state issue triggered political chaos and instability by dividing the entire state into regions and sub regions including students, politicians and elite intellectuals.

Law and order, administration, works have been kept under pending by driving the state into stagnation. Hyderabad, once called as icon of cosmopolitanism, turned as center of xenophobia. Central and state governments utterly failed to handle the situation smoothly and gently by releasing tens of contradictory official statement from union home minsitry. Their reckless behavior made the situation worst and uncontrollable.Politicians from same political party orchestrating different stages at two different regions provoking and fooling the people by contanstly changing their views and ideas.

Universities of Telangana region have been playing crucial role in leading the separate state agitation by moving politicians into secondary role. State government has been trying to suppress movement ant any cost by pressurizing University vice chancellors to conduct examinations which could side side track the attention and concentration of students from Telangana agitation to exams. Still now, more than five times, exams have been postponed due to the heavy flak from students who are reluctant to take part in exams untill Telangana issue resolved.

Govt made nefarious designs to break down the movement by sending wrong signals to central government and intelligence departments claiming  Maoists and anti social elements entered movement in the guise of students. Solution for Telangana puzzle may not be sought in single night due to the limitations of democracy and its applicability in multicultural and diversified India.We cannot expect an instant solution to this tricky conundrum. Government and Police department started targeting student leaders and active agitators by imprisoning them into custody by booking baseless and needless sections. Brutal lati charges have been orchestrated by police men in osmania universitiy and Kakatiya university by man handling the students at any cost by questioning the validity of human rights. Telangana turned as a police state. Whatever the reactions, nefarious designs and plans made by Government and Police authorities to dislocate Telangana movement would make situation much worst. We cannot expect restoration of peace in near future as long as autocratic Government fails to understand the aspirations and sentiments of  tens of millions of people.