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Vivekananda vision – Mother India

When entire nation shifted its focus on Akbaruddin communal and provoking speech. Hindu new paper, mouth piece & harbinger of pseudo secular intellectuality, published an article claiming Indian nationalism is obsessed with male chauvinism as it projected Swami Vivekananda picture.

Sanjay Srivastava, professor of sociology, must have forgot about the genesis of Hindu nationalism and its association with woman, shakthi, spiritual and esoteric culmination of durga and kaali. It was Hindu nationalism which gave much priority to women.

Sanjay should remember that it was Swami Vivekananda who visioned India as mother India, Bankim viewed India as Bharat Matha and Sri Aurobindo viewed India as Bhawani Bharthi.. I could not understand how half knowledge Sanjay deliberately discarded the importance of women,shakthi, kaali and Durga..

Hindu News paper & Sanjay get well soon.

Vivekananda vision – Mother India

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Gun culture and USA

The tragic gun firing at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, USA, is an alarming signal of penetration  of  gun culture among both urban and rustic teens, through the popular forms of  Movies and Video Games.

Why USA is prone to such mindless,ruthless and dramatic gun firings, particularly by depressed teens,  since some decades, why not developing countries ?

Before analyzing the genesis of  gun culture and popular media , we must go through the genesis of Guns/Arms Manufacturing in USA Soil. It was arms and dynamites production which accelerated and championed USA economy among world super powers in the early 1920’s.  It was USA, which orchestrated nuclear race, by nuclear bombing in Japan to show its supremacy, and placed world on the brink of  volcano made up of nuclear lava.

In addition to this issues and background, the worst case is free availability of  Guns and weapons in USA. Gun licencing policy and its availability is not stringent, in fact it is free liberal, as like US economy. One can easily procure guns and arms in USA soil without having any proper examination and verification, unlike developing nations.   This incident, which may provoke another set of teens,  in turn may trigger another Colorado firing.


Resignations reached 100 mark – Centre is stable


Telangana MLA resignations reached 100 mark in Andhra Pradesh with the TRS, CPI and BJP  joining the league of resignations.

I would like to summarize the developments took place in New Delhi and Andhra Pradesh.

1) High command warned resigned Congress representatives by claiming they have trapped in padmayvuha. But, they are still continuing the consultations without making any progress.

2) Chidamabaram ruled out the possibility of  imposing presidential rule in Andhra Pradesh by sending a signal that central govt is not likely to take any risk at this chaotic juncture. He stressed for the importance of consultations and dailogues.

3) National media gave much importance to the political developments regarding Telangana. They says that bubble is burst and it is time for to take appropriate decision.

4) Manda Krishna Madiga meeting with Jagan made another political development in Andhra Pradesh. Soon after the meeting,  he attacked on political parties citing that they have do  not any plans for the welfare and role of scheduled castes in the supposed Telangana state.

A new questioned posed in political circles, what Manda Krishna have discussed  with Jagan. Why Manda Krishna came forward to media after a long gap, just after meeting with Jagan.

5) Political forces in Seemandhra awakened and cautiously watching the developments. They have made all the necessary arrangements to pose a counter movement in protest of Telangana.  No information is available, what Lagadapati have had discussed with Pranab.

6) Government officers NGO’s and student organizations in Telangana announced a rout map to intensify the movement of Telangana by doing mass movements, rail rokos, gheraos etc. According to the reliable sources, Telangana employee associations are  likely to announce pen down or indefinite strike in couple of days.

7) As usual, Chandra Babu went to under curtain. He could not make single statement on the latest political developments.  Kiran Kumar Reddy was flabbergasted and preferred not to make any comment. He just handed over the entire scene to Congress High Command.

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3 crore pending cases

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

Pending cases in India is going to reach 3 crore mark in the world’s largest so-called democratic country.Red tapism is termed as the chief determinant for the under development of India, Red tapism has showing its presence even in Judiciary. Popular actors and politicians have been mocking Indian Judiciary by making crimes and escaping from punishment by highlighting technical legal flaws in reality. Most of the poor people who committed petty crimes and have been to Jail for the years due to their inability to pay the required fines. Indian Poor are still unable to meet their medical and legal help form Govt Doctors and lawyers.

Indian Govt is already initiated National Knowledge commission headed by Sam Pitroda and Administrative Reforms Commision leaded by Veerapa Moily for the effective and efficient governance by applying pertinent reforms.Some legal experts say All India Judicial Commission should be established to meet the requirements of Judges on par with the Union Public Service Commission which holds responsibility of selecting All India Services like IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS etc…



Seperate Telangana, a distant dream?


Congress Government and TDP are just mocking and fooling the aspirations and desires of 40 million Telangana people. Its been almost couple of months since Telangana crisis broken. No further development is recorded as all the leading political parties are maintaining dual standards and voices for protecting their vote bank political interests.

All the university exams have been postponed indefinitely as students are not willing to write in this chaotic situation at Telangana. Yesterday, Central Govt convened Sri Krishna Committe comprises 5 membeers for seeking a possible solution for the political crisis in Andhra Pradesh and for the slogans behind Seperate Telangana and unified Andhra Pradesh. I surprise,  What central government has achieved by presenting Liberhan report(which consumed 19 years) on Ayodhya Ram Mandir at Parliament. The real Intension behind Sri Krishna committe is to weaken movement intensity among Telangana people by sending the real cause in cold storage.

We cannot trace out exact solution for problem as long as we prolong the debate.  We can get solution from mediation and compromising but not from exchange of oral attacks and debates. Let us see how people of Telangana welcome Sri Krishna committee?


Jagan to address mob at Paavurala Gutta

Y.S Jagan, blue eyed boy of Andhra pradesh Congress (excluding seniors), is going to address heavy crowd at Paavurala Gutta where Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy hacked to death in a helicopter mishap. Pro Jagan camp is still continuing their attempts and lobbying despite no positive signal has been recorded from high command. Actor Raja shekhar and his wife actress Jeevita criticized congress seniors who abstaining Jagan to become CM by influencing high command. Duo also said Jagan is well enough eligible to continue his father’s legacy.


Another two eye theory


Y S Jaganmohana Reddy, president of the newly born YSR congress party, is adopted the similar approach of Chandra Babu two eye theory and congress chaotic handling.  Jagan says,  in the party plenary meeting at Idupulaya, YSR congress party is understood the the Telangana sentiment and its intensity among the masses.  He says,  YSR congress is not in a position to give or to obstruct the Telangana state.

People of Telangana and Seemandhra regions were anxious to know the party stand of YSR Congress, they were in a hope Jagan will announce a clear and lucid stand unlike Chandrababu and congress. Jagan words shattered their dreams and hopes. Jagan  was cautious and calculative in using the terminology when he was  describing his party stand on Telangana.  He did not make clear whether his YSR congress party  will support or denounce  Telangana state.

Now, it is pretty clear,  Jagan has  joined the bandwagon of  conventional political parties which have been politicizing the very essential issue for their electoral interests in the respective regions.

An interesting twist is Jagan admonished Chandra babu and Congress party for their indecisiveness regarding Telangana. Jagan must realize  whether he has moral right to criticize the respective political parties as he himself emerged another indecisive creature in Andhra Pradesh politics.

We are not in a position to give Telangana or stop Telangana. But YSR Congress respects Telangana sentiment.It is responsibility of the Central government to give a solution satisfying all sections because the power to make a new state also lies only with the Central government.

–  Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, President, YSR Congress Party


Ideology deviated ?


Parakala Prabhakar, political unemployee who came of out from praja rajyam party, found solace in organising workshops and seminars in ‘vishalandhra mahasabha’  which founded in the last month. No matter is available, till now, who has funded this organisation. But, the organisation has succesfully attracted the intellctual faces including K.P.S Gill, Kuldeep Nayyar and Sanjaya Baru.

Parakala Prabhakar, alumni of prestigious London School of Economics, has entered politics by joining Congress. Later, he has served in BJP, TDP and PRP. He could not get a mp  seat in PRP.  He made a foul cry on PRP by referring it as  ‘piosonous tree’ by showing his anguish for not getting ticket.

Before joining PRP,  he used to host the famous TV programme  pratidwani which has acclaimed positive reports and feedback from the different sections. After his political debacle in PRP, he has again tried to test his luck as anchor, but the attempt remained wild goose chase.

Dual standards of Parakala

Parakala was with BJP, when it made a resolution of  ‘oka votu rendu rastraalu’.  But, no information is available which suggests Parakala objected with the BJP decision of  favoring seperate state to Telangana. During his tenure as Chief Spokes Person in PRP, he made numerous statements supporting the cause of Telangana state.

“We want the State to be divided like brothers in a family. We respect the ‘atma gouravam’ and ‘atma abhimanam’ of the Telangana people and we said we will never come in the way if separation is necessary”

– Parakala as a PRP  chief spokes person

Why such mediocrity, dual standards and opportunism presents in Parakala, I could not understand.  He did not utter a single word/statement against Telangana when he had been to various political parties and as a popular anchor. Did money make such strategic ideological shift in Parakala?

“The BJP stand on the matter is very clear from the beginning. We have taken one line on Telengana that in 1997 BJP had passed a resolution on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. BJP has always been in favour of smaller states. It is in favour of Telengana”

Nirmala Sitharaman, Spokes person, BJP

An interesting aspect about Parakala is, his wife Nirmala Sitaraman is acting as spokes person of Bharatiya Janatha Party which raising the slogan of  Telangana state at national level. How can Parakala convince other people despite his own wife is indirectly supporting the Telangana state ? Parakala can only answer the inevitable and pertinent question.

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Some facts about Sanjaya Baru

Who is Sanjaya Baru ? This question has raised among Telangana people when he made a statement against the cause of Telangana at  Vishalandhra Mahasabha workshop at New Delhi organised by so called intellectual Parakala  Prabhakar.

Sanjaya Baru,  native of Hyderabad  , is an eminent economist who has done his post graduation and PHD  from the prestigious JNU. His Father B P R Vithal was finance secretary of Andhra Pradesh. Vithal is a renowned expert on Centre-state relations, and worked for some time as an IMF fiscal expert and a member of the Tenth Finance Commission (1992-94).

Baru is the present Chief Editor of the famous financial daily Business Standard. He has a served as chief media adviser for the former Prime minister P.V Narasimha Rao and present prime minister Manmohan Singh.  He has tried at best to project Manmohan Singh as Mr. Clean and the most intellectual genius in media by his special methods of media management. Chief  opposition NDA made numerous criticisms and allegations on baru for his deliberate attempts to focus singh.

In an article (Telugu or Telangana, March 29,2004,Indian Express), Baru claimed that he  has participated in the Seperate Telangana agitation during 1970 at the streets of Narayana Guda and Himayath Nagar. Interestingly, Baru father and grand father hailed from Maharashtra and settled in Hyderabad.  But, Baru could not clearly explain why he has shifted his voice.

Sanjaya Bharu is said to be against Telangana state due to his exclusive concern on economic progress and growth of Hyderabad. He says,  some areas in Telangana witnessed massive development on par with top metro cities in India despite  few areas are under developed. According to Baru, proper solution on Telangana could affect the growth, investments in Hyderabad, according to Bharu. He wrote an article titled  ‘Hyderabad needs a united Andhra Pradesh’  in Financial Express (April 23, 2004) which drew flak from Telangana economists and sociologists.

Baru must not have followed his father Vithal articles and works. In various ocassions, Vithal admonished state government for not seeking revival of the Telangana Regional Committee that envisaged a separate budget for the region. Vithal says in his  working Paper on Telangana Surpluses, the budget representing Telangana was surplus comparing to seemandhra region. He also advocated that, during the tenure of 1970-1973, Telangana regional council planning and activities fetched positive economic results.

We can estimate, how Baru has managed, manipulated and influenced  Manmohan Singh as a  Chief Media Adviser regarding Telangana. Bharu incident highlighted how some top bureaucrats have been influencing Prime Minister Office regarding the decision making of  Telangana.

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3 c’s of India


India has been obsessed with 3 C’s




Politicians have been transforming to capitalists and vice-versa… Every body know how Ambanis manipulated central govt and made a grand success in Indian business at the cost of nationalistic and poor people interests. Capitalists always restrict budding entrepreneurs by creating huge number of obstacles. Talented Indians have no option other than leaving for abroad to fulfill their family responsibilities. All the political parties receive kickbacks from capitalists for their illegal acts.Indian capitalists could change political equations in India…

Casteism playing dominant role in Indian society. Though, reservations made a free entry to lower sections in mainstream politics. In major cases, they have been bandwagoning on powerfull politicains who have capitalistic and higher caste background. Irony of Indian caste structure is OBC’s have been humiliated by OC’s while SC’s and ST’s have been humiliated by OBC’s… Indian hypocrisy is circular in shape…

Why people offer kickbacks and bribes to officials. They want speedy work ( illegal work in some cases) at any cost. The do criticize and condemn bribery openly, under curtain they are ever ready to offer/receive bribes. Majority people are not so serious about country and society. They just recall about country and patriotism during August 15th/ Jan 26th/ when terrorist attacks happen……