Odyssey – My first Failure


Dad got transfer to Karimnagar district in promotion. My family had to shift to Huzurabad by leaving siricilla and Vemulawada reluctantly. Dad tried to join me in St.Pauls School at Huzurabad in the class UKG. I had attended almost 1 week in the classes of UKG. School teacher complained to principal claiming I was ineligible to study UKG as I dont know basic Alphabets in English. Principal and her husband examined my case and concluded that I must sit in LKG but not UKG. I still wonder what they have examined my intelligence in that very small age and what parameters they have adopted to give such kind of funny conclusion 🙂


Odyssey – My first steps towards school


I used to attend LKG classes with a great hard work and manipulation by my mom and dad at Siriciclla of Karimnagar district. I was flabbergasted and afraid with schooling system which tried to curtail my very Independence. Dad used to work there as assistant inspector of sericulture. I had to wait hours and hours so eagerly for bell ring which was a signal for completion of school working day. To be frank enough I didn’t even learn ABCD in that tender age. I wondered, how my sister was so curious and anxious to attend school regularly. She used to accompany me to school. I had tried a lot to escape school by posing a series of questions to my dad and mom like

1) what is the need of school?
2) Why should we attend school?
3) Can’t we achieve anything without attending school?

Dad used to propitiate me and says the essence of schooling. His words couldn’t work and I have developed reluctance towards school, teachers and the dirty uniform model.


Odyssey – My first victory


I did my matriculation from Gorkey Public School, Khammam. Due to some health and personal problems, I hardly attended school during my 10th class. I would like to share funny instance for the testimony of my irregularity.

We were asked to attend Maths special class daily at 7 AM taught by Principal Radha Krishna. I along with my friend Srinivas didnt care his commands. One day, he specially warned me and my dear friend that we must attend maths special class. We were attending with a great Herculean task. Maths sir attended class and started lesson. He was surprised to see me and my friend in Maths class. He has started a series of questions on Cos,Sin etc. to us.. Our faces were turned as question marks. Sudden laughs and pranks broken across class. we too exhibited an inscrutable smile at Radha Krishna’s questions. He has raised another great question, “Guys, at least can u say what chapter is related to my aforesaid questions?”. 😛

I have managed to pass 10th class with modest 70%. I had to work out on subjects like Social, Maths and English for APRJC Entrance test during summer. I have done a blunder mistake by not pasting stamps to my APRJC form. Prior to 1 week before the commencement of entrance test, I was very sure that I would not receive hall ticket . I had attended marriage at Narsampet and have had fun at my Aunt’s house along with my brother in law on the day before exam. My brother telephoned me and said hall ticket mailed at my surprise. I had to rush for Khammam on that night without any hesitation. I have appeared the exam successfully. After one week, one morning I had to go through news paper headlines about APRJC results. I was so anxious and turning to inside pages where complete details of results published. I got state 3rd rank in the entrance test.