When Being A Lefty Helped Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg And Others With Life Lessons

Ratan Tata

When Ratan Tata took piano lessons, he had a problem. “I could not relate my left hand to do something different from my right hand,” he said in a television interview. But when it comes to running his group of companies, even from behind the scenes, Tata’s left arm has few equals. Till 2015, Tata’s trusts would even give scholarships to the Indian Left-Hander Club. Perhaps it is one of the reasons some Tata vehicles in overseas markets have a left-hand drive.


Mark Zukerberg

Some 20 years after Jobs made this comment, another great technical person in computers was getting ready to take on the world while at Harvard University. With the help of smart colleagues, he set up Facebook. And he too, reportedly, was left-handed. Zuckerberg has not said much on this important subject. But there is one photograph that proves beyond doubt that he is handy with his left hand. It shows him feeding a calf on a farm in Wisconsin.