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Gun culture and USA

The tragic gun firing at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, USA, is an alarming signal of penetration  of  gun culture among both urban and rustic teens, through the popular forms of  Movies and Video Games.

Why USA is prone to such mindless,ruthless and dramatic gun firings, particularly by depressed teens,  since some decades, why not developing countries ?

Before analyzing the genesis of  gun culture and popular media , we must go through the genesis of Guns/Arms Manufacturing in USA Soil. It was arms and dynamites production which accelerated and championed USA economy among world super powers in the early 1920’s.  It was USA, which orchestrated nuclear race, by nuclear bombing in Japan to show its supremacy, and placed world on the brink of  volcano made up of nuclear lava.

In addition to this issues and background, the worst case is free availability of  Guns and weapons in USA. Gun licencing policy and its availability is not stringent, in fact it is free liberal, as like US economy. One can easily procure guns and arms in USA soil without having any proper examination and verification, unlike developing nations.   This incident, which may provoke another set of teens,  in turn may trigger another Colorado firing.