Odyssey – My first Failure


Dad got transfer to Karimnagar district in promotion. My family had to shift to Huzurabad by leaving siricilla and Vemulawada reluctantly. Dad tried to join me in St.Pauls School at Huzurabad in the class UKG. I had attended almost 1 week in the classes of UKG. School teacher complained to principal claiming I was ineligible to study UKG as I dont know basic Alphabets in English. Principal and her husband examined my case and concluded that I must sit in LKG but not UKG. I still wonder what they have examined my intelligence in that very small age and what parameters they have adopted to give such kind of funny conclusion 🙂

  1. you are true Indian…
    Education system utterly failed…
    We want Education which develops personality and ethics in an individual..
    But the education which our schools are providing is just a kind of Cup of Coffee which a road side cafe sells….
    what we want is :creative learning…
    what we want is :chance make our own destiny…
    what we want is : Ethics, values and patriotism.
    what we want is : Real Education, Real learning and Real Enlightenment.

  2. You were made ineligible in lure of money….They should have spent some time with you to teach alphabets but there is no need to precious 1  year for that.They do not have any Morse code  for examining a kid and their procedures are vague…The schools donations, admission fees and monthly fees are obnoxiousThat school is being run by two ignorant and greedy people…..Called as Principal…I pity them

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