Odyssey – My first steps towards school


I used to attend LKG classes with a great hard work and manipulation by my mom and dad at Siriciclla of Karimnagar district. I was flabbergasted and afraid with schooling system which tried to curtail my very Independence. Dad used to work there as assistant inspector of sericulture. I had to wait hours and hours so eagerly for bell ring which was a signal for completion of school working day. To be frank enough I didn’t even learn ABCD in that tender age. I wondered, how my sister was so curious and anxious to attend school regularly. She used to accompany me to school. I had tried a lot to escape school by posing a series of questions to my dad and mom like

1) what is the need of school?
2) Why should we attend school?
3) Can’t we achieve anything without attending school?

Dad used to propitiate me and says the essence of schooling. His words couldn’t work and I have developed reluctance towards school, teachers and the dirty uniform model.

  1. itz nice. i  m not agreeing  with the word ” dirty uniform” . in that age it maybe  dirty but  for me the best option to  unite the students n for integration. i dnt think still u hate that system.

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