Seperate Telangana, a distant dream?


Congress Government and TDP are just mocking and fooling the aspirations and desires of 40 million Telangana people. Its been almost couple of months since Telangana crisis broken. No further development is recorded as all the leading political parties are maintaining dual standards and voices for protecting their vote bank political interests.

All the university exams have been postponed indefinitely as students are not willing to write in this chaotic situation at Telangana. Yesterday, Central Govt convened Sri Krishna Committe comprises 5 membeers for seeking a possible solution for the political crisis in Andhra Pradesh and for the slogans behind Seperate Telangana and unified Andhra Pradesh. I surprise,  What central government has achieved by presenting Liberhan report(which consumed 19 years) on Ayodhya Ram Mandir at Parliament. The real Intension behind Sri Krishna committe is to weaken movement intensity among Telangana people by sending the real cause in cold storage.

We cannot trace out exact solution for problem as long as we prolong the debate.  We can get solution from mediation and compromising but not from exchange of oral attacks and debates. Let us see how people of Telangana welcome Sri Krishna committee?

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  1. Its almost evident that we cannot trace out exact solution as long as we prolong the debate..but what is cooking in the scholars mind is …that since the day chidambaram had gathered all the related people & casted a  hypnotic spell or may be a threatening to dig their past records or atleast by granting them handsome rewards. a deliberate , diplomatic soothening had been chalked out in the form of sri krishna committee which is nothing but the 50 yr old telengana movement’s fire extinguisher. shri krishna committee may come out with a story picturing telengana as a pandora’s box of troubles if seperated & giving a smart weapon cum excuse to the present leaders who are silent on the moves of central government.  Presently, with no prominent leaders supporting the Joint Action Committee of OU, the student movement is also expected to decay  gradually & eventually. But the fact is ..the student movement may again raise its hood after the exam hibernation or may be after dec 31 2010. hope this time it will be highly venomous in case the prediction is true. 

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