Dams cause floods?


India recorded massive floods in Bihar, Arunachala Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the last 6 months. India has been facing peculiar kind of crisis of either floods or droughts. Some notable economists used to say that countries could grapple in war for acquiring water resources. Reality superseded their supposition. Even states posing one on one for water resources. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have been fighting for  their share of water in rivers of Krishna and Kaveri. They have built huge and massive dams to store water to meet the needs of state requirement.

Deccan region recorded a massive rainfall of  five times more than average annual rainfall within a 5 days span. Lakhs of people have been displaced and hundreds of have been hacked to death in this catastrophe. This devastation raised myriad of questions on the validity of huge dams. we are just damaging the natural beauty and flow of rivers which exist from thousands of years in the name of technological advancement and infrastructural development. Huge and Jumbo dams breaks the natural drainage and river beds to  raise due to silting. USA has already started removing outdated and ecological damaged dams. New York Times paper calls the ‘age of dam removal’ in USA

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3 crore pending cases

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

Pending cases in India is going to reach 3 crore mark in the world’s largest so-called democratic country.Red tapism is termed as the chief determinant for the under development of India, Red tapism has showing its presence even in Judiciary. Popular actors and politicians have been mocking Indian Judiciary by making crimes and escaping from punishment by highlighting technical legal flaws in reality. Most of the poor people who committed petty crimes and have been to Jail for the years due to their inability to pay the required fines. Indian Poor are still unable to meet their medical and legal help form Govt Doctors and lawyers.

Indian Govt is already initiated National Knowledge commission headed by Sam Pitroda and Administrative Reforms Commision leaded by Veerapa Moily for the effective and efficient governance by applying pertinent reforms.Some legal experts say All India Judicial Commission should be established to meet the requirements of Judges on par with the Union Public Service Commission which holds responsibility of selecting All India Services like IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS etc…


Deaths in obeseity outnumbered hungry

Excess nutrition turned as a dangerous threat than mal nutrition. IFRC made a fascinating insight, deaths in excessive nutrition figures 1.5 billion per year, which is larger than 1 million deaths  due to  insufficient diet and hungry. 

This is another perfect example, which signifies the economic differences and inequalities among people. IFRC  suggested India should adopt holistic approach along with sufficient food grains production in combating poverty.


Co2 levels reached at record height

Co2 levels reached at record height with 42% increase compare to 1991.European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency released a fascinating report, how co2 levels significantly increased in the last two decades.

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APPSC Group 1 2012 cutoff

Andhra pradesh public service commission (APPSC) has succesfully conducted Group-1 preliminary examination on 27/05/2012.

1,73,265 candidates  appeared this exam with the attendance of 72.50%.  Experts opine question paper is little easy comparing to 2010 appsc group 1 prelims question paper but cutoff is likely to be stable or little high  as 110 posts are additionally notified.

As per the reliable sources from coaching institutes, approximate cutoff is likely to be  88-94(3-4 + or -).

APPSC is going to select 15,500 successful aspirants for mains at 1:50 ratio for 310 posts.

People who score 88+ can start preparation for mains as this time 310 posts are notified( last time 210 posts).

We can compare standard of this paper with 2008  group 1 prelims where cutoff closed at 92 for 200 posts.

2010  cutoff was closed at 84 as paper was little tricky and more than 10,000 people qualified  for 210 posts.



Chidambaram hand in 2g scam ?

A leaked letter from Pranab Mukherji to Manmohan Singh suggests the hand of Chidambaram in controversial 2G spectrum allocation. A massive blow to the reputation of UPA, meanwhile  Adwani  confirmed his  ‘rath yatra’  in protest of  corrruption. 


Bio fuel from orange

James Clark at the University of York, has built a new model of microwave, which can produce oil from orange peel.

He says to media, oil can also be obtained from straw, cashew nut shells, apple peel, coffee and rice husks through microwave method.


TNGO leader Swamy Goud arrested

Telangana non gazetted officers association leader Swami Gowd arrested by police some time ago. It is a fascist act, which we cannot expect such act in democracy. Andhra Pradesh Govt did not even try to solve the issue by discussions. Arresting a leader is not a proper solution which could provoke the people and employees further.


Odyssey – My first Failure


Dad got transfer to Karimnagar district in promotion. My family had to shift to Huzurabad by leaving siricilla and Vemulawada reluctantly. Dad tried to join me in St.Pauls School at Huzurabad in the class UKG. I had attended almost 1 week in the classes of UKG. School teacher complained to principal claiming I was ineligible to study UKG as I dont know basic Alphabets in English. Principal and her husband examined my case and concluded that I must sit in LKG but not UKG. I still wonder what they have examined my intelligence in that very small age and what parameters they have adopted to give such kind of funny conclusion 🙂


Odyssey – My first steps towards school


I used to attend LKG classes with a great hard work and manipulation by my mom and dad at Siriciclla of Karimnagar district. I was flabbergasted and afraid with schooling system which tried to curtail my very Independence. Dad used to work there as assistant inspector of sericulture. I had to wait hours and hours so eagerly for bell ring which was a signal for completion of school working day. To be frank enough I didn’t even learn ABCD in that tender age. I wondered, how my sister was so curious and anxious to attend school regularly. She used to accompany me to school. I had tried a lot to escape school by posing a series of questions to my dad and mom like

1) what is the need of school?
2) Why should we attend school?
3) Can’t we achieve anything without attending school?

Dad used to propitiate me and says the essence of schooling. His words couldn’t work and I have developed reluctance towards school, teachers and the dirty uniform model.