Anarkali & Shashi Rekha


You may wonder how far Anarkali and Shashi Rekha related as there is no connection between them at any cost .Real relation associated with them is a myth. No credible source is identified to justify Anarkali’s love with Saleem and Abhimanyu’s love with Shashi Rekha. Akbar’s son Saleem was none otherthan Jahangir who got married to “Manbhawati Bai” “Princess Manmati” “Nur Jahan” and Abhimanyu got married to Virata king daughter Uttara. Despite flaws, both the themes have been successfully commercialized by Bollywood and Tollywood production teams by delivering historical hits of “Mughal-e-azam” at Bollywood box office and “Maya Bajar” at Tollywood box office.One thing is made clear, filmy audience always adhere myths but not truths.

  1. its incredible…!!!!!!!!!!!!! still i’m not convinced abt this. is the whole dramatic play of maya bazaar a fiction? i dnt think so… what matters if abhimanyu is married to uttara and saleem to nur jahan? in those days …men used to be polygamy. anyhow there are lot more instances like this. many writers take the legends as backdrop for their fictious plays and weave a convincing and beautiful play leaving the audience with no clue.

  2. i think sheshirekha’s story must be true because sheshirekha parinayam is one of the plays which is mentioned in bhaagawatham. and it seems anarkali’s life was never mentioned in the mughal history as she was a stain to the pride of mughal dynasty. and that must be the reason why there was no practical evidence of anarkali’s life. one thing which makes us think is that why and how a telltale originates…without any base or any happening..a telltale is not born…same in the case of the saleem anarkali’s love story. the story must have passed from generation to generation till tday.

  3. Anarkali and Saleem’s love story does not have any evidence nor is there any reference in the mughal history. On the other hand, In dwaparayuga ,Shashirekha and Arjuna loved each other and married and they have a son named Abhimanyu and he is one of the heroes of kurukshetra so undoubtedly its not a myth.In those days, Polygamy and Polyandry were accepted.

    Our movie men just a need a script to commercialize without any research and earn money leaving infinite audience in doubt and No matter what a myth or truth is , Love certainly exists and it is divine

  4. Abhimanyu is the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, the half-sister of Lord Krishna. But not to Sahshi Rekha…..

    In those days, Polygamy and Polyandry were accepted ////

    You are exactly right sister. Puranas say Lord Shiva has ganga as 2nd wife. There is also another instance in which Ganga described as wife of Shantanu . Ganga bored a son, legendary mythological character Beeshma.

  5. I’m back with the correct facts..
    Abhimanyu has two wifes shashirekha and uttara.uttara’s son is king parikshith.
    shashireka is the daughter of balarama & revathi. balarama is none other than brother of lord Krishna.
    As we all know abhimanyu was a great warrior and he died in padmavyuham in kurukshetra.
    Mayabazar movie is the story of abhimanyu and shashirekha’s love and marriage.Its genuine.
    Veeraabhimanyu movie will show the story of abhimanyu and uttara exclusively.

    Feeling very content to share these facts with you all and My dad has explained me all these bhaagavatham stories so credit goes to him.

  6. I’m not scholar to dig through it to find out the facts and myths, but would like to contribute thought provoking information here… A movie is made on the bottom line of the story it may taken from the real story or might have taken from the purans, history or any other source. We can consider this as picturaisation of the friction or a nonfriction. so it involves more of imaginary pleasure which make people to feel happy about it, than thinking about what has really happened. when it comes to both the stories, they are genuine i feel. because, history has got it’s own practicle eveidence to dig through and find out the facts. htere is an opprotunity to get into research and make out. but where as puranas, they happened in different yugas but wrote in kaliyuga… so logically there is inforamtion which is been passing through from ages….. so as there is a saying, as time grows, you receive the infomation in bits and pieces… so possibilty of lapse in the information flow as gets transfer. thoguh there might not be eveidence available in the recent history books of mughals, but still one can find about anarkali’s love story some where in some book. but where as puranas, it’s always better to take a note of the message what they want to convey rather than dig through the facts…… it’s all important that how they are commited to their love and their personality…………….. after all a movie is a movie but yes it do have it’s own imapct on the youth…….:)


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