Resurrection of Baba

satya sai

Satya Sai Baba, the most charismatic saint of modern India, made his way into the god almighty parabrahmam today at whee hours by causing deep sorrow in the hearts of  tens of millions of devotees across the globe..

There are hundreds of saints and gurus have been to Hinduism. But, Satya Sai made an indelible impression among people..

Its time to pose a question, what made him special, why people attracted towards Sai ??

He made synthesis of Shaiva, Shaktha, Vaishnava, Sufism(Shirdi Sai typical style of preaching) and Christian pacifism with the blend of Upanishads vedanta. Which made him a unique spiritual guru.

His service and charity to the needy is incredible and incalculable.

To be continued…