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Origins of “hindu”


There is no word of Hindu in sacred literature like vedas, upanishads and brahmanas..

“The word Hindu, by which it is the fashion nowadays to style ourselves, has
lost all its meaning, for this word merely meant those who lived on the
other side of the river Indus (in Sanskrit, Sindhu). This name was murdered
into Hindu by the ancient Persians, and all people living on the other side
of the river Sindhu were called by them Hindus.”

– Swami Vivekananda in Lectures from Colombo to Almora

With the arrival of Britishers, Hinduism emerged as synonym for Sanathana Dharma..

Hinduism/Sanathana dharma is not a single religion unlike Abrahamic faiths. It is a mixture of various contradictory religions, faiths, schools and views of Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shaktha, Yoga, Smarta and Vedanta..

It is not a single rigid religion, it is a civilization..

  1. could u plz give me the reference where did u get the vivekas such a type of speach in which he used such a  rash words against hinduism. he said hindu rather a religeon , a culture which had its roots from bc existing still. its the culture like a ocean  in which all the rivers of the other religeions had mingled ,yet not changing its real status . 

  2. @ K. Vasanth

    You can refer in “Lectures from Colombo to Almora”

    Vivekananda did not use any harsh language..

    Just read the post clearly…

    Vivekananda explained how the word Hindu replaced “vedantic/sanathana dharma” during Moghul and British rule..

  3. sanathana dharma is not a religion. it is a way of scientific & ecofriendly living. it deals with many energies which can only be felt & cannot be seen by the human eye. sanathana dharma makes you strongly believe that reality is more magical than what you thought! 

  4. The system of beliefs and worship broadly categorised as “Hinduism” nominally derives its authority from the Vedas.If it didn’t need a name in the thousands of years of its existence, not sure why it needs one now. Sure the others, especially those of the Abrahamic faiths, needed a name to describe it and called it “Hinduism” meaning the religion of India.I find this nomenclature “Sanatana Dharma” meaning “ancient code of conduct” funny. Well, there are several “Sanatana Dharmas” depending on the region of the world that you are looking at. If anyone is desperate to find an Indian name, since “Hindu” is basically a persian name, to describe the faith/religion an apt description would be to call it the Vedic Religion or Vedic Faith, since at least nominally all “Hindus” accept the Vedas as the embodiment of truth although few have a clue as to what is in them.Considering that Advaita, Vishishtadvaita and Dwaita are all supposed to be justified based on the Vedas, there is little that cannot be and no one need fear being left out by accepting the authority of the Vedas. One can always accept the authority of the Veds, but reject the authority of a particular interpretation of the Vedas!

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