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Origins of “hindu”


There is no word of Hindu in sacred literature like vedas, upanishads and brahmanas..

“The word Hindu, by which it is the fashion nowadays to style ourselves, has
lost all its meaning, for this word merely meant those who lived on the
other side of the river Indus (in Sanskrit, Sindhu). This name was murdered
into Hindu by the ancient Persians, and all people living on the other side
of the river Sindhu were called by them Hindus.”

– Swami Vivekananda in Lectures from Colombo to Almora

With the arrival of Britishers, Hinduism emerged as synonym for Sanathana Dharma..

Hinduism/Sanathana dharma is not a single religion unlike Abrahamic faiths. It is a mixture of various contradictory religions, faiths, schools and views of Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shaktha, Yoga, Smarta and Vedanta..

It is not a single rigid religion, it is a civilization..

History, Philosophy

Why hitler adopted ‘swastika’, symbol of sanathana dharma?

Swastika is the symbol for aryan race and sanathana dharma..

All the dharmic religions like Hinduism, Buddhism,Jainism use swastika as an important symbol for their religion and culture..

There is a wide debate in Indian historians whether Aryans are domestic/ invaders from europeans. Hitler believed that Aryans and German are from same descent..

Hitler, who claims himself from Aryan race, adopted swastika as their symbol in 1920..

The reason behind his strong adoption of swastika is his reluctance towards Christianity, Judaism. He used to stress German race is aryan and quite different from other European races..


It was Nostradamus who speculated in 16th century that a new leader could dominate the world, most probably from non abrahamic religion.

Friedrich Nietzsche, famous German philosopher, coined a new word called “over man” “super man” claiming a new world leader is going to emerge.. Christian missionaries called that person as anti christ.

Christian missionaries and Abrahamic religions were shocked with the strong writings of Nietzsche and his vision of anti christ..

Hitler tried to identify himself as anti christ/super man/over man. He started the recitation of aryan race claiming germans are aryans and they are superior than other European races..