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3 c’s of India


India has been obsessed with 3 C’s




Politicians have been transforming to capitalists and vice-versa… Every body know how Ambanis manipulated central govt and made a grand success in Indian business at the cost of nationalistic and poor people interests. Capitalists always restrict budding entrepreneurs by creating huge number of obstacles. Talented Indians have no option other than leaving for abroad to fulfill their family responsibilities. All the political parties receive kickbacks from capitalists for their illegal acts.Indian capitalists could change political equations in India…

Casteism playing dominant role in Indian society. Though, reservations made a free entry to lower sections in mainstream politics. In major cases, they have been bandwagoning on powerfull politicains who have capitalistic and higher caste background. Irony of Indian caste structure is OBC’s have been humiliated by OC’s while SC’s and ST’s have been humiliated by OBC’s… Indian hypocrisy is circular in shape…

Why people offer kickbacks and bribes to officials. They want speedy work ( illegal work in some cases) at any cost. The do criticize and condemn bribery openly, under curtain they are ever ready to offer/receive bribes. Majority people are not so serious about country and society. They just recall about country and patriotism during August 15th/ Jan 26th/ when terrorist attacks happen……

  1. simple extraordinary collection u gathered,its shows u dedication about society.kalyan great guru ! keep it up

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