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Vangapandu’s Remix of revolutionary song


Iam not a communist, but I have a  respect towards communists and socialist school of writers due to my respect towards great Karl Marx . What Vangapandu wrote and praised the late YSR with his famous “Em Pillado” song is a perfect instance of deep rooted hypocrisy. I wondered with his blackmailing attitude with Allu Aravind during  em “pillado song” controversy which is said to have incorporated in blockbuster hit “Magadheera” without prior notice to Vangapandu. He used to question the validity of democracy and political leaders claiming political power at the cost of inequalities at soceity. Worst thing is he even praised YS Jagan claiming he is the perfect scion of YSR political kingdom. He lost his credibilty as a true socialist artist.Vangapandu turned as a shame to  revolutionary writers and artists associations which have  commendable history across Andhra Pradesh social and political movements from decades. Vangapandu will remain among bourgeois club for his deliberate appeasement of YSR family.

  1. Good post …!

    Day by day people like vangapandu are spoiling the value of communism, And encouraging Pseudo communistic behavior, A true comunist cannot spoil the values ,lets hope this ……….

  2. What happened to this old man who actively participated in naxalbari and revolutionary movements. He decieved naxal movement….

  3. Vangapandu sells his songs like vegetables…In Magadheera they used only one sentence ..For that small thing he created lot of necence ..
    But now he totally changed his song for YS Rajasekhar reddy and YS Jagann..
    It clearly shows that he blackmailed allu aravind only for money..
    Not for song….

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