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Why iam an atheist – Bhagat Singh


Bhagat singh, the name itself a symbol of revolution and patriotism. While reading research papers and history books,  I was moved by his stand and ideology on various issues at his very age of 24 years. I had a feeling that Bhagath singh was a extremist approached violent path from young blood, later I  confessed that he was also a great philosopher. India Today published in a survey that Bhagat sing is the greatest indian with the 27% of indians approval, Netaji managed to get 2nd slot with 17%. Bhagath singh was initially gandhian and inspired by gandhi non co-operation movement. Gandhiji’s recall of non co-operation movement and Lala Lajpath Rai death which resulted from brutal lati charge made a greater impact on Bhagath Singh. He had adopted a violent path for the liberation of India.

“Why iam an atheist” is an essay written by Bhagath singh who got vexed with belief in god during his imprisonment days prior to his death. Surprising fact is  Bhagath Singh was active participant of  Swami Dayananda Saraswathi Arya Samaj during his teenage. Later, Bhagat singh drawn inspiration from Marxist and Anarchistic school of philosophers Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Mikhail Bakunin. In this essay, Bhagat condemned the presence of god claiming he has witnessing  poverty and human suffering of millions of people as just like a king nero who fiddled when Rome was being burnt . Though iam not an atheist, I was convinced by the anger and displeasure of Bhagat singh who dream a free and poverty less India. Interesting aspect is both the SFI and ABVP, student wings of communistic and hindutva idealogies, have been trying to identify and locate their ideology with the legacy of Bhagath Singh. I always feel, people remember Bhagat Singh  but not his revolutionary  ideology,  sacrifice,humanism and  great patriotism.

  1. Bhagath singh is man of god, was an Indian freedom fighter, considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement, He as inspired millions of indians,For this reason, he is often referred to as Shaheed Bhagat Singh and till today he is alive with all indians with the revolution he brought for INDIA …………….. Inkalam jindabad

  2. excellent post….!
    we need atleast one Bhagat Singh ji to tackle our present situation in country.
    hope for it.,let us pray for one more bhagath singh to come, Bharat matha ki jai

  3. good! kalyan says he is sometimes convinced by the anger and displeasure of bhagat singh in case of god. most of us do feel the same..especially on reading about the nero. its true that people remember the heroes for their legendery past… but not their vision and ideology.

  4. dear mukesh ji..

    we dont need to wait for a bhagath singh to come… and practically we dnt need just one bhagath singh to tackle our problems. if one learns the idealogies and principles of a role model.. he ,himself can rise to power. a common man can do a lot of things to change the society mukesh ji. a strong word, a strong statement , a brilliant solution to a problem, an inspiring concept, a simple preaching etc are some of the million things a common can do right now!

  5. Hi dear kalyan …….

    Nice explore .. seems wanna more information …
    Every person will change according to their circumstances and some of will challenge the power of their leadership qualities …

    Hope all are have good thoughts 🙂

  6. Hi Kalyan,

    An Excellent post, highly appreciate your profound work.

    Mr.Vijay Bhargav,
    I read your comment just before publishing my reponse. Else , i would have duplicated what you have said aforth.

    Jai Hind,..

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